Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Dicky Smash
Dicky Smash

A cool guy this complete named DICKY MUHAMMAD  PRASETYA or better known as Dicky Smash born in Bandung on 18 June 1993. Currently he is a cute guy who many in the search for the young school. Gemini berzodiac cool guy who is most priority to his appearance. He could spend hours just to straighten her hair to look neat on stage or in front of the camera. Handsome guy who likes the sound of Stevie Wonder is studying at SMA BPI 1, Bandung. This one cute guy very dandy. To set the makeup and the makeup he needs a few hours longer than other smash personnel. Boys born in Bandung is like a song by Lady Gaga. A little biography about Dicky Smash can be viewed here...

Cool guy has a dream of success eager known and accepted by society at large. These cute guys have the experience first appeared in Cultural Performances TMII and this handsome guy at tida like being lied to. Guy with this funny look most like food or spicy spicy snacks. With favoritenya artist Rihanna.
This guy has a Twitter account '@ dickymprasetya' and Friendster Account:

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